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Teaser - Premier Multi-Basin Mineral Interest Assets

Lincoln Energy Partners - Confidentiality Agreement


Eagle River Energy Advisors, LLC has been exclusively retained by Lincoln Energy Partners, et al. ("Seller") for the divestiture of mineral interests in the Delaware Basin of Texas, DJ Basin of Colorado & Wyoming, Powder River Basin of Wyoming and the Williston Basin of North Dakota.


Diversified Minerals Position

  • ~24,650 NRA diversified across 5 active Plays
  • 945 producing wells provide low-risk and stable cash flow profile

Years of High-Quality Development Inventory

  • Significant remaining reserves across all Basins with stacked pay potential
  • >150 new wells drilled per year on Seller's assets since 2017 demonstrating significant activity
  • Highly probable near-term development and associated cash flow uplift with 220 DUC & 1,516 Permitted Wells

Minerals Under Active Operators

  • Active portfolio operators include OXY, PDC, Extraction, Chesapeake, Noble and others
  • Portfolio operators actively permitting and drilling with 151 of 322 active drilling rigs in the Basins